Thursday, August 15, 2013

'Race Warlord Poverty Pimps';

there are reasons Denny came up with the term.  Here's a good one:
Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D) is following in the footsteps of Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, as well as her fellow Florida colleague in the U.S. Congress, Frederica Wilson (D), by using race to explain why an early voting location situated in a predominantly black community was moved. Jacksonville’s Supervisor of Elections stated that the reason for the move was to cut back on monthly expenses that exceed $57,000 at the location in question, including utilities. 

The new location would only cost taxpayers about $40,000 a year.
My first thought?  "I wonder how much of that $57k PER MONTH was going to something other than election matters..."

We’ve talked about this before, but in fact, I don’t think there has ever been a country like ours, where our elites are deliberately taught – in our best schools – to hate and despise everything that we are, everything that makes us unique.  I don’t think there has ever been another country where our elites are taught to be ashamed to call themselves by our national name.

Or rather, there have been countries like that – but they were countries who’d lost a war, and where the governing elite were in fact puppets of their erstwhile enemy, sent in to utterly destroy what the country used to be and to make sure that it did not rise again and (maybe) next time win the war.
Some real interesting thoughts follow; go read.

Tab clearing:
Gun rights win in the northwest

New argument about black holes, and what we don't know.

Waxman wants to ban parts kits.  Parts, too.

"We need an armored vehicle, because protesters and stuff."

I've posted this before: what a lot of cops think of most proposed gun laws(not much).

"Screw Somalia, we're done."

Oh, this just might make me watch a primary debate!

Well, well, well, talk about a builder's kit!

The foot's better, but it's going to take a while.  The swelling's way down, but that toe and the area around is still sore and kind of tingly.  I shall now find somewhere else to put it up.
One of the sucky things?  The antibiotics I'm taking say 'Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight', which makes sitting out back problematic.


Luton Ian said...

Somalia first;

There are big chunks of Somalia which are absolutely fine, it is around Mogadishu where the generals and politicians of the former (Barre) regime continue to act in the manner they became accustomed to - as war lords.

That situation isn't helped by the funds flowing in from the UN and directly from states in an attempt to establish one group or other as a new government (a monopoly warlord).

Overall in Somalia, most indicators of development have Somalia going from the bottom ranking in the 42 sub saharan African nations - when it had a state - to about mid way up the ranking by 2006.

There's a really good book (I loved reading it) by the late Michael van Notten (editted and contributed to bey Spencer Heath McCallum) which explains a lot of the cultural background

Luton Ian said...

From Somalia to the chaos and terrorism from statists in Concord, New Hampshire:

a libertarian report from Amanda