Sunday, August 11, 2013

I know people who trust NPR implicity;

so much for that.
It turns out that the ombudsman, Edward Schumacher-Matos, has been working on an analysis of the NPR series ever since. His conclusions, explained at length, were published yesterday. They are remarkable, in my view, for their candor and fairness:
My finding is that the series was deeply flawed and should not have been aired as it was.
The series committed five sins that violate NPR’s code of standards and ethics. They were:
1. No proof for its main allegations of wrongdoing;
2. Unfair tone in communicating these unproven allegations;
3. Factual errors, shaky anecdotes and misleading use of data by quietly switching what was being measured;
4. Incomplete reporting and lack of critical context;
5. No response from the state on many key points.

North Wildwood: You'd think better would be expected from the Dark and Fascist State of NJ[/sarcasm].
A North Wildwood police officer issued Jared and his wife a summons because of the dog. Goering said, “I expected to get more respect from him because of the jobs that we both have to do."

"He mockingly asked if all veterans get service dogs," said Jared’s wife, Sally Goering, “his dog is medically necessary and he is a service dog."
Last I heard, it's flatly illegal to mess with someone over a service dog.  Period.
And if this is the level of LE in NJ...
Time for charges, civil and criminal.

From Steyn on the Hasan trial:
In the immediate aftermath of his attack, the U.S. media, following their iron-clad rule that “Allahu akbar” is Arabic for “Nothing to see here,” did their best to pass off Major Hasan as the first known victim of pre-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. “It comes at a time when the stress of combat has affected so many soldiers,” fretted Andrew Bast in a report the now defunct Newsweek headlined, “A Symptom of a Military on the Brink.”

Major Hasan has never been in combat. He is not, in fact, a soldier. He is a shrink. The soldiers in this story are the victims, some 45 of them. And the only reason a doctor can gun down nearly four dozen trained warriors (he was eventually interrupted by a civilian police officer, Sergeant Kimberly Munley, with a 9mm Beretta) is that soldiers on base are forbidden from carrying weapons. That’s to say, under a 1993 directive a U.S. military base is effectively a gun-free zone, just like a Connecticut grade school. That’s a useful tip: If you’re mentally ill and looking to shoot up a movie theater at the next Batman premiere, try the local barracks — there’s less chance of anyone firing back.
And let's not forget the words of the politicians in uniform:
After Major Hasan’s pre-post-traumatic workplace wobbly, General George W. Casey Jr., the Army’s chief of staff, was at pains to assure us that it could have been a whole lot worse: “What happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty.” And you can’t get much more diverse than letting your military personnel pick which side of the war they want to be on.

The CSGV and PAGV: full of crap and insisting the smell is rose petals.
See, again, the chart stated 'Chicago, Illinois' yet included 6.8 million people that DON'T live in Chicago nor fall under Chicago's gun laws.  That led to the anti-gun fanatics at the CSGV (who the original post was discussing) to tout it to the skies as 'gun extremist lies' that Chicago DOES have higher homicide rates than the areas outside of the city (5-6x). 

Then for 'Gun homicides' they did the same thing, adding in near 7m people who DON'T live under Chicago's laws. They completely ignore this fact in the post I reference it to and instead repeat their MSA and City numbers. Makes you wonder if they're dense or deliberately dishonest
Six of one, half-dozen of the other...

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I have not listened to "Nazi Proletariate Radio" for over 20 years and only watch Nazi Proletariat TV for NOVA, Doc Martin, Foyle's War, Morse and a few other Brit teevee shows. As the already extorts money from me I call every time there's a fund drive to tell them that when they stop accepting money from the .gov, I'll think seriously about contributing voluntarily.

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