Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Piers Morgan is a hoplophobic gun bigot who'd rather see women raped

and dead than armed.
"I would prefer that those women have guns to protect their lives," Hawkins said. However, Morgan remained dismissive. 

"I would tell that to the families of the women who were killed at Sandy Hook," he replied. "I'm not sure they would quite see it the same way."
I wonder if it occurred to this English moron that, if one of them had been armed, many others might have lived?

Or is that idea what really scares him?
Effing bloody disgusting little bastard.


Grog said...

That soft shoe should have been deported 10 years ago, hypocritical loser.

Windy Wilson said...

You know, if fewer than 4 people are murdered before the perpetrator is offed, it doesn't count as preventing a mass murder.
So if he came into the classroom and popped a pupil and the teacher gave him a new @-hole in his forehead, that wouldn't be preventing a mass murder, and the morally bankrupt claim of Piers Morgan would still be technically true, no matter how much ammunition or loaded magazines the perpetrator had on him at the moment his mind was opened to the evil of what he planned to do.