Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Being slightly feverish and bored

probably makes this seem even funnier(NSFW):


Keith said...

Buggers charged my credit card 3 months before renewal was due - I had to cancel the card to stop them doing it again,

then I had to go to a friend who works in computing to get the bloody program out of the machine.

The machine worked much better once it was gone.

I'm now on the verge of dropping windows for something much less virus and spying prone, like Debian or Open-BSD

Windy Wilson said...

I find a fever leaves me all dull and glassy-eyed. What really brings the hilarity out in things are stitches from an abdominal surgery, say an appendectomy. EVERYTHING is Robin-Williams-Bill-Murray-Eddie-Murphy-Steve-Allen-fall-on-the-floor funny, including eggs and bacon for breakfast. It hurts to laugh, so you absolutely can't laugh, so everything is hilarious.
Fortunately appendixes rarely grow back.

Firehand said...

The people who worked software at my old job either dismissed or- in a couple of cases- flat hated McAfee.

I don't know about glassy-eyed, but definitely dull(you have no idea how many spelling errors I've fixed today). And yeah, I've got a big scar from my appendix deciding it no longer approved of its residence; that first day after surgery sucked rocks. Big ones.