Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tab clearing

Starting with
Bank that closed Defense Distributed account linked to ATF, 'Project Gunwalker'

More of the joys of illegal aliens

Could be closer to the day of "Achmed, we don't need any of your oil; so piss off."

Another dirtbag is Obama's pick for another agency bigshot.

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Keith said...

This is going to appear very anti american, it isn't, it's anti politician.

In terms of natural resources, there was no where on the planet that could equal the soviet union, but thanks to their central planning system, everyone outside of the inner circle of the party lived in poverty and under constant threat of state terror.

Because of the post WW2 US central planning (and fredguv occupation of much of the us land surface), the US oil remained un discovered or largely un touchable

and as a result, the rest of the world was subject to the constant threat of "democratization" -

(I was chatting to a Serbian lady a couple of days back, the air raids on Belgrade had eventually got to her sister, and she chose to jump off a high building rather than cower from yet more bombs...)

- in the name of the united state's "national interest".

I don't much care for Ahmed, but I suspect he's longing for the day when he can get back to doing whatever it might be that he enjoys - without the big satan providing him with distractions and drone strikes.

but without Ahmed as an excuse for the military political complex, I suspect that the brightest minds in your fredguv will be creating domestic reasons for their continued existence.

ps, the linked article is incorrect in one respect, the discovery at coober pedy (one of the hottest and most unpleasant places on the planet) will induce those oil producers who can, to up production, as pumping the oil now and investing the money will make them more money than leaving the oil in the ground and selling it when the new deposits come on stream.

But it won't change the taxes we pay.

incidentally, check out what BS "the social cost of carbon" is: