Thursday, July 25, 2013

The First National Bank of Wellston, OH, is apparently run by incompetents

Who also cannot correct their errors.
'Trying to come to terms' my ass.  If you idiots had three working brain cells you'd pay for her property, pay for the damages you did and pay for any costs she's incurred because of your idiocy.

As it is now, I hope she sues your sorry ass off.

And let it be known the local cops don't seem to be worth a crap, either.

They now think the problem with bees may be a combination of pesticides, fungicides and natural diseases.  Damn.

I don't think it's much of a mystery(damned sure not hostage-related) why Abedin is playing 'the good wife', just a matter of choosing:
She's a Hillary-style "I've got too much tied up in you to just let you sink like you deserve!" political wife, or
Considering her family connection with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the way she was probably raised, she might think her husband can do what he wants; in which case the "He's gotten better" crap is just window-dressing to try to protect him.

Although, thinking about it, it's possible she's doing it at direction of someone in/connected to the MB; "We have too much invested in this fool to abandon him now, so try to save him from himself.  You being the wife of the Mayor of New York City is too great a prize to give up on!"

If you replace the word “Church” with “Democratic party” and the word “Jesus” with “Anthony Weiner,” it’s actually a pretty sound analysis.

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