Monday, July 22, 2013

"A few low-level employees in Cleveland" my ass, parts 37

and 38:
Confidential tax records of several political candidates and campaign donors were improperly accessed by government officials, but the Justice Department declined to prosecute any of the officials involved, even in one “willful” violation of the law, an IRS watchdog reported.
TIGTA announced in response to a letter from six Republican senators it was launching an investigation into Goolsbee’s comments and whether he violated the law. However, the report was never released to the senators or the public. 

The Washington Examiner obtained an Aug. 10, 2011, email from Treasury Special Agent Daniel K. Carney, in which he wrote, “The final report relative to the investigation of Austan Goolsbee’s press conference remark is completed, has gone through all the approval processes.” 

The Free Beacon filed a FOIA request seeking the report, but TIGTA denied the request, saying it could neither confirm nor deny its existence of the report.
Note to TIGTA: doesn't make much sense to play "There is no report" when it's already known THERE IS ONE; no matter how much you want kiss up to somebody and try to hide things.

For 38,
On March 9, 2010, Christine O'Donnell's personal income tax records were illegally accessed by a Delaware public official. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) reports that a previously-undisclosed "back door" to the IRS computer system was used to invade the privacy of Christine O'Donnell's tax records.

Who knew? It turns out that state government criminal investigators can directly -- though illegally -- access IRS records through a "back door." Along with O'Donnell, at least four other political candidates and four conservative donors have been identified so far as victims of this abuse.
Haven't heard of anyone being prosecuted on this either, have you?
But wait!  There's MORE!!
Next, also on that same March 9, 2010, the IRS unlawfully issued a tax lien upon a house which Christine O'Donnell did not own. This lien was absolutely illegal because the IRS was not finished yet with its highly-suspicious audit of O'Donnell's 2005 tax return. No tax was legally due because no final decision had been made yet. Imagine collecting money when maybe no money is owed! The IRS cannot legally issue a tax lien without first finalizing the amount owed. Yet they did.

Furthermore, on March 9, a copy of that tax lien was illegally leaked to the news media -- before it reached O'Donnell herself. At O'Donnell's March 10, 2010, campaign kickoff news conference, reporters already had a copy of the March 9, 2010, tax lien in their hands.Remember, this is not a 'violation of IRS policy', IT'S BREAKING FRIGGIN' LAWS.  But, just like Fast & Furious nobody has even been CHARGED, let alone tried.

And if bastards like Cummings have their way, nobody will be.

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