Sunday, July 21, 2013

One of those cute things you just want

for some reason.
Chiappa Little Badger survival/backpacking rifle.  .22 caliber, break-action, actual good sights(look like they were copied from the M1 Carbine).  And it folds up to a touch over 16" long and weighs just over three pounds.

That's four sides of rail on the barrel, and a short section right behind the trigger guard(pistol grip, maybe?), and the muzzle is threaded.

I actually have no need for one, I just want the damn thing.


Mark/GreyLocke said...

I held on at the NRA convention in Houston earlier this year. It's a nice light little rifle. The price is a little ridiculous though. If they could get it under 170, I"d buy 2 or 3 for the kids.

Firehand said...

The price marked at the store here was $169; maybe it's dropped, or they had the MSRP high.

Bob said...

I yearned for a Savage 24C combination rifle/shotgun as a young teen. It had a .22 LR barrel stacked over a 20-gauge barrel, both of them short (18"), and there was storage for both cartridges and shotshells in the buttstock. Wish that Savage still made them.

Firehand said...

Bob, you may be in luck; they also make the Badger:
.22 top, .410 bottom. And it folds up like the Little Badger for carrying.