Saturday, June 01, 2013

More zero-tolerance idiocy from the People's Republic of Maryland

Kid(KINDERGARTEN, mind you) shows friend his cap gun.
School officials at Dowell Elementary School in the town of Lusby proceeded to question the five-year-old for over two hours before finally calling his mother, whom The Post also does not name.

The principal eventually called the boy’s mother at 10:50 a.m. By that time, the five-year-old had wet his pants (which the mother called highly unusual).
Major-level stupid, right?  But wait, there's MORE!
The Post explains that the principal — Jennifer L. Young, according to Dowell Elementary’s website — told the kindergartener’s mother that things would have been even worse had the toy gun been loaded with caps. In that case, the school would have regarded the plaything as an explosive and called the police.
Jennifer L. Young, you're a fucking idiot.  And a disgrace to the profession of teaching.  I don't care what the effing regulations say, you could have handled this a LOT better.  Instead, you've terrified a little kid and screwed with his life.  Considering the PROM, probably forever.
The 10-day suspension is officially for possessing a look-alike gun, notes the Post. If the suspension is not lifted, the kindergartener won’t be able to go to school the rest of the year. The suspension will also be part of his permanent academic record.


Dave O. said...

The sad thing is, in the story, Mom says she agrees with the school, in that toy guns are EEEEEEVIL in themselves and should be a punishable offense. She just thinks they shouldn't have made him cry.

Windy Wilson said...

But is it in fact a look-alike gun under whatever totalitarian elastic one-size-fits-all statute they're using? as a cap gun shouldn't it have an orange tip?

Yesterday on Dennis Prager's radio program, he admitted he could not think of what questions he would ask the little boy. His producer, however, had about a dozen, each one scary and intimidating to a 5 year-old. I think that line of questioning was guaranteed to make a 5 year-old wet his pants.

Even schools have gauleiters full of the hubris of their own power.