Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

On in Army now, and I remember two great-uncles who served in WWII; one in the Pacific, one in Europe.

I'm going to try to watch some of Band of Brothers later; if nothing else the Why we fight episode.

Which does lead me to the one other thing I want to say today:
Britain is a shining example of losing everything fought and bled for.
Media timidity in the face of these obvious declarations is matched by equally feeble responses from the political classes. Richard Barrett, a former United Nations co-ordinator for the al-Qaida and Taliban monitoring team, offered this insight following yesterday’s brutality: “The idea that this may be terrorism inspired by some sort of religious extremist belief is quite plausible.”

Quite plausible, old chap? Quite plausible, you say? Well, let’s not jump to any conclusions simply because some Koran-quoting maniac carrying two bloody knives has just cut off a man’s head. Maybe he had trouble at home.
Open attacks and murders by muslims, who insist on saying that's exactly why they're doing this, and the Brit media and politicians, overall, don't have the balls to say something about exactly that.  Oh no, excuses and weasel-words abound.  

And we've got a bumper crop of the same level idiots here, and they're just as much in a rush to hand over everything to the enemy in the name of 'tolerance' and 'being sensitive to the beliefs of others'.

I'm sure some clown will run across this and trumpet it as "SEE, THEY HATE MUSLIMS!", so- assuming such will bother to read this far- no, all muslims are not the enemy; SOME are, and they number in the millions.  And they want us dead, converted or dhimmi.  And ignoring that, ignoring the religious reasons behind their actions, is stupid.  And downright suicidal.


tkdkerry said...

Amen, brother. Why We Fight is my favorite episode of the series. I'll be watching it myself today. I don't know about you, but I can't help but tear up when I watch it.

Keith said...

I wish this couple well...

Windy Wilson said...

Every Memorial Day I watch Currahee, Day of Days, Why We Fight, and the interviews with the real soldiers.
Every Uncle I had except the one who was in the CCC in the 30's and the one who was too young for WW2 and served in the Korean War wore an American uniform. My dad was in the Seabees and the only reason he didn't go to the Solomons was that he got Pneumonia and Appendicitis one after the other in Basic, and the next unit graduating went to Trinidad. HIS uncle was career Navy and was on the Savannah at Salerno when it was struck by the Fritz-X.
I have met cousins who wore the uniform for the other side in the European war, and the parents of my friend from Jr High School were "interned" in Japan thanks to an ill-timed vacation.

A lot to think about on Memorial Day.

Windy Wilson said...

As for the moderate Muslims, they are completely cowed by the radicals, all out of proportion to their numbers, and are much in the position of the Germans in WW2 who were not Nazis, were not in favor of Hitler, and did not particularly want to be in a war with anyone.
Sometimes the wages of going along with evil are the same as those for actively initiating evil.

AML said...

We salute our dear veterans. Thank you for posting this episode.