Friday, May 31, 2013

So, will we EVER find out what actually happened

in that room?  Or will we only get the 'Protect the Holy Bureau at all costs' explanation?
What really confounds me about this account is the part where Todashev allegedly ran at the agent "with a metal pole" that "might have been a broomstick." If he was running with a large object in his hands when killed, how is there any doubt about what the object is? Anyone could just look at the dead guy and see what was in his hands, right? Or examine the stuff in the evidence locker. Pole or broomstick? This source doesn't know. It's also quite a feat to be shot, struck, knocked backward, and charge again toward a gun, especially for a guy who, according to his friends, was in recovery from leg surgery. And, of course, it's odd that this latest story is so different from the previous ones that have leaked out. A knife, a samurai sword, a metal pole, and a broomstick don't seem like objects that would be confused for one another. 

Finally, this account has a police detective who ostensibly sees the table overturned, sees the FBI agent get injured, sees Todashev attacking with a poll, sees the injured agent draw and fire his gun as he tries to get up, sees Todashev knocked back and rushing forward again... but never fires his own weapon. 

I'm reminded of a line from a Garrett Files novel, something like "It'd take three wizards to knot this up any worse."
Or the EffingBI.

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Windy Wilson said...

I was thinking more about in To Catch a Thief, where the police say they caught the Cat, and John Robie asks how remarkable that Foussard could do all that climbing around on roofs and creeping into bedrooms with a wooden leg. If the deceased really was recovering from leg surgery . . .