Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Shouldn't have the same stuff as the regulars"

may ass.

On the death of a commie dictator:
It was a sad day for the moonbat community.
The People’s Republics of Cambridge and Amherst rushed to lower their flags to half staff first. A spontaneous candlelight vigil erupted in Muddy River. Funeral dirges played endlessly on the NPR stations, like Radio Moscow when Uncle Joe passed. Someone dimmed the lights at the Globe, causing an immediate panic in the newsroom, where the fops 
assumed the newspaper was finally being shut down.

Chief Flynn has a lot of nerve calling someone else a politician.  Especially with his record, and that of his agency.

Today’s Washington journalists are like J. R. R. Tolkien’s ring wraiths, petty lords who wanted a few shiny golden Obama rings — only to end up as shrunken slaves to the One.

A correction to this article on the DHS armored fighting vehicle/weapons buys: DHS isn't buying AR15s as Personal Defense Weapons: they're buying select-fire M16s.
Which again brings up
Why are those PDWs when DHS buys them, but semi-auto rifles are Evil Assault Weapons when us commoners have them?

Well, she hates guns and gun owners, of COURSE Obama wants her on that court.

Chickenshit politicians in NY feeling heat, and trying to cover their ass.
Proper response: throw their ass out of that taxpayer-supplied office.

Yeah, that'll work; sure, the kind of slimeball who'd commit rape will stop if you tell them "Don't do that."  Yeah, right.

Oh, HORRORS!!!, the NRA is resorting to the democratic process!!!

And, y'know, it's kind of hard to take the "Nobody wants to take your guns!" denials(or the people saying it) seriously when the people involved keep saying things like this.  And pushing laws like this and this.

When son's unit was at White Sands for training a couple of years back, a humvee-full of troops was going down a back road and passed a roadrunner trotting along.
A little further down the road they found a coyote that was so mashed and dead it looked like a smear of mulch.
Few moments later someone said "Dumb bastard never learns, does he?"

Total story: Parks McCants is a dick who doesn't like commoners owning arms that scare him.

Speaking of dicks, this is a college student:
Nicholas Stanley, a DePaul commuter student, said that the NRA “has no right to push for less regulation and more pro-gun laws” because the Second Amendment was written during a time in America when there was no large, organized military.
"has no right"... really, asshole? We have no RIGHT so speak our piece, push our view?  You're a fucking moron who has no understanding of that Constitution you dismiss.

God, I am sick of self-righteous idiots deciding other peoples' rights don't count when they conflict with the idiots' socialist views.

In closing:


Windy Wilson said...

Does Nicholas Stanley have a right to say what he said? After all, the First Amendment was written in a time when there was no electricity, no computers, no internet, no Facebook, no Wikipedia, no radio, no television, no gasoline, no automobiles, in fact, no way for him to have been a "commuter student" anywhere, and all the things I mentioned were, with the possible exception of electricity, unimagined by the Founding Fathers when they wrote the First Amendment, so it obviously could not have applied to Stanley, who was also, except in some great, general idea, unimagined.

Anonymous said...

Parks McCants may or may not be a dick - I don't know the individual and can't comment. But what I do know is that Parks McCants writes like a high-school sophomore girl taking a "creative writing" course.
As one who has committed actual "journalism" writing and editing for money, both broadcast and print, I read stuff like this and despair for our future!

Titan Mk6B said...

That coyote comment is golden.

Raymond Max said...

Wow! Feeling the love here. Were's the link to the article? Ya'all take care now ya hear?