Monday, March 04, 2013

I rather think a bunch of Colorado politicians aren't liking

what they've stirred up.
Probably a combination of liberal bigotry, pushing from the Obamites and Nanny Bloomberg and thinking "After Newtown we can push this through!" got it to this point.  Now they've got companies saying "Screw you, pass this and we're gone" and many, many local citizens pissed off to a high degree.  And reminding the clowns "That office does not belong to you, we can and will take it back."

And if anyone in Denver thinks the 'We'll move' is a bluff, well, other states have been actively telling Magpul "Hey, we'd LOVE to have you move here!"  And, as some other states are finding, other companies are getting the same invites.

Problem is, the politicians wanted to use these companies as punching bags but still keep them around(because politicians may hate the people and product but they LOVES them all those tax dollars and jobs), and thought "Why, no one would ever consider moving just because we call them 'murderers' and 'accessories to child killing' and such"; they're finding out they damn well can and will move.

I guarantee Schumer for one is trying desperately to think of a way to either tell certain companies they can't move, or some way to claim taxes from them after they move.


Keith said...

Slightly OT
Joel has noticed a disturbing simillarity between one of the baddies in Harry potter, and one of your anti gun politicians

Windy Wilson said...

Claiming taxes after the move (or claiming next year's taxes before you move has a respected socialist history. That was the price to get out of Germany in the 30's. Maybe later in the USSR, our lickspittle lackeys in the press will never tell if that was the case or not.