Friday, March 08, 2013

I don't know if Coburn kept Schumer busy this long

as the gentleman thinks, or if he simply wasn't willing to give in to Schumer on registration.

And make no mistake, that's really what the bastards were after:
A Schumer aide said Coburn and the group never could agree on whether to require private sellers of guns to keep sales records, as is required of gun dealers.

“Sen. Schumer is not prepared to negotiate away the record-keeping requirement in its entirety, lest it make the law unenforceable,” the aide said.
Open admission that they knew their UBC wouldn't work worth crap without registration; and even to close the 'loophole'* at gun shows they claim** to be so concerned about, they wouldn't give up on registration.

And we know why they so badly want it.

*As Tam put it, a loophole is “People Doing Legal $#!t I Don’t Like”.

**And if they truly considered private sales at shows a loophole that desperately needed to be closed, they would have gone along with Coburn; but they wouldn't, because
They really, really want those lists to work from, and
They know the 'loophole' noise is bullshit.

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