Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Why so much mistrust of cops nowadays?

Start here and scroll down through the 'Raid of the Day' entries for some reasons.
Things like
The following year, the Kansas Court of Appeals ruled that the search warrant authorizing the raid on Shively's apartment was illegal. From the opinion: "Regrettably, the loss of an officer's life might have been prevented if the affidavit had been candid and not designed to mislead the magistrate into issuing the search warrant."
The six police officers who took part in the raid were awarded the Topeka Police Department's Medal of Merit.
The federal jury concluded that the officers shot Robinson without justification, then tampered with the evidence to cover up their mistakes. The jury didn't believe the investigation conducted by the police department's internal affairs division. The following February, the eight officers involved in the raid were suspended, more than two years after the raid. Robinson's family won $2.85 million in damages against the officers, and negotiated a $1 million settlement from the city.

$50,000,000 in new uniforms for TSA.  JUST before the sequester kicked in.   Yeah, they're worried about money.

Tam ran across this.  And yeah, these people are freakin' nuts.

I wonder if it occurs to any of them that some of those bullets are going to come down and ding all the pretty cars?


BrianS said...

Read injustice everywhere.com

Keith said...

Thanks for the link to Balko's blog at the huff po

Phelps said...

"Why so much mistrust of cops nowadays?"

Because they deserve it.