Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Rev. Jackson needs to study up on that 'don't bear false witness' thing;

but I'm afraid the 'being a friggin' idiot' is unfixable.

What's happening in (fG)Britain; gee, that sounds like a gun action being worked, doesn't  it?  But that's unpossible, such being banned in Britain...

Read the whole thing:
The New Left, as it was known back then, worshipped firearms.
The new, new left does, too – as long as it maintains a monopoly on them and state power.
Yes, the left still loves guns.  There is no other reason for the fawning acceptance of the vulgar SWAT raid tactics in which innocent men like Mr. Eurie Stamps get shot and killed.  These tactics are repeated all across America every day.
The left just doesn’t love guns in the wrong hands, and anyone who isn’t an agent of the state is the wrong hands.  Listen to Representative Jim Himes (D – CT) tell you why high capacity magazines are still necessary in government hands.

There is absolutely no justification for weapons that were made for the explicit purpose of killing lots of people quickly to be in the hands of civilians.
Let that wash over you again.  “Killing lots of people quickly” and “civilian hands.”  The two don’t go together.
Leftists are by nature not liberals, no matter what label they have adopted.  Scratch a liberal, and find a Fascist.

Cantor wants to buy lefty votes, and is willing to screw gun owners in the attempt.

Massachusetts passed some of the toughest guns laws in the nation in 1998, but statistics show that since then, the number of gun-related crimes committed in the state has risen.
The Boston Globe reports that in 2011, Massachusetts recorded 122 gun-related homicides, almost double the 65 in 1998.
But they're already assuring everyone it's the fault of other states. Of course.

How much DoD money was it Panetta spent on his weekend trips home?  Ah, but that was important, he needed the time to get his head straight, and that's FAR more important than screwing the troops.

And for some reason what this parent has to say doesn't get much media attention; too busy pushing fake heckling stories, I guess.

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