Thursday, February 07, 2013

More tabs to clear

Mass debunking

DoJ and Southern Poverty Lie Center sittin' in a tree, blowing each other.

CSGV dumps Weber when his baggage comes into view

Speaking of, make the SPLC live by their own rules

Talked to son the other day, they'd just been informed that if sequestration goes through training 'will be reduced to the minimum'.  Which is about what they'd been at already.  As he put it, "Some of these guys can't qualify NOW; we do even less, and I'd hate to have to deploy with them."
But I'm sure Obama will make up for it by droning the life out of everyone in sight.  Speaking of which,
If all it takes to sign a death warrant for somebody is to hang a label on them, you want to be very careful about how hard you make it to hang that label.

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