Sunday, February 03, 2013

Good question: who are the cops at war with,

that they need fire-from-the-hip bullet hoses?

More "How dare you insurrectionists speak your minds?  What do you think you are, citizens or something?" crap.

So, Feinstein & Co. hate barrel shrouds and pistol grips; except when they don't.
I think a mix of 'no real idea what they're talking about' combined with 'maybe we can buy some of them off.'

Ref the Martin/Zimmerman shooting, anyone who thinks that
The media isn't pushing a storyline, and
Thinks the prosecution is playing fair,
isn't paying attention.  And I strongly suspect this crap is really going to bite them in the ass, as it damn well should.

From Uncle:
My assault rifles have killed less children than your ex-girlfriend’s anti-vaccination advocacy.

Two quotes we need to send to "We need another law!" people.  From Sebastian:
Gun control advocates really do not understand the fire they are playing with, with much of what is being proposed. How many millions of Americans are you prepared to imprison? How many are you prepared to kill? What is the count of ruined lives, broken families, and ruin are you willing to inflict to try to achieve your rainbow farting unicorn utopia where every gun turns into a flower?

And from this wizardpc:
I would like politicians and bureaucrats to acknowledge this: Every law, rule, and regulation made by the government ends in puppy killing SWAT Teams. Every dime that is spent in our name was taken at gunpoint.

I want them to understand that every action they take has this statement as a footnote: “This is important enough that my grandmother should be killed if she does not abide.”
The rhetoric might be a little over the top, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Take the story of Rawesome Foods, who were raided twice in one year by full-ninja swat teams for such horrible crimes as “improper egg temperatures.” I mean really what could possibly justify that?

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