Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yeah, why WOULD JP Morgan want to hire someone

who stands a fair chance of being charged with perjury?
Who's paying them off how to give this guy a job?

The Legal Center to Prevent Gun Violence tried to prevent anyone from hearing anything but the party line; slight problem:
Dear Mr. Berger,

In addition to the UC Hastings’ nondiscrimination policies, the College has a longstanding commitment to a culture of free and open inquiry, spirited debate, and the exploration of diverse ideas. We believe in the  fundamental right and responsibility to foster and protect rational discourse in an environment marked both by the rigorous challenge of ideas and by tolerance for the expression of multiple viewpoints.

This afternoon I informed Ms. Thomas, the Executive Director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, that you must be allowed to attend the October 25 event if it is held on the College campus. 

Never forget, the CSGV still defends- well hell, just read it:
“Commenter: So the Govt rounding up citizens based on Religion or Ethnic ID would not warrant armed resistance if courts bless as constitutional.

CSGV: Correct.

Just one of the many statements made by the CSGV in support of the American Dream. They later tried to deny this statement.”

Hillary might want to have someone powerwash the undercarriage of that bus, as she might be getting a real close look at it.

Oh, yessss...

Speaking of clowns with badges like in the previous post,
Can you imagine, for a minute, what it is like for a good priest - a man who loves his G-d and his fellow man, who wants to see to the hearts and souls and very bodies (when in ill health) of his parishioners cared for and protected - when he discovers another priest is a pedophile, has been molesting children, perhaps within this good priest's parish? Can you imagine the anguish and the anger a good priest would feel, knowing that a fellow priest was abusing not just his trust and authority, but the very honor and duty of the priesthood, and damaging children in the doing?

A truly good cop - a man or woman who is a peace officer, and not just a law enforcement officer - suffers the same anguish, the pain, the embarrassment, and the anger when a fellow cop abuses his authority. It is worse when they also not only abuse a citizen's rights, but actually physically abuse them as well. The thought of an LEO beating, punching, kicking, or - G-d forbid - raping a woman, is enough to engender a supreme rage in someone who knows their duty to the citizens for whom he works. The thought of LEOs actually killing innocent citizens is enough to engender a killing rage in a good cop. Not in the rare occurrence when a mistake is made, as with the transit cop in DC who thought he had pulled his taser and actually pulled his handgun, but as in the recent case where a Houston police officer shot and killed a double amputee in a wheelchair who supposedly threatened him with a pen.
The rest is here.  I'll throw in, when you've sat in a car full of fifteen, twenty, twenty-five-year lawmen and listened to them talking about the attitude problems of so many younger cops... it tells you something.

Marx meets Obama:

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Windy Wilson said...

Commenter: So the Govt rounding up citizens based on Religion or Ethnic ID would not warrant armed resistance if courts bless as constitutional.

CSGV: Correct

"Would the Jews have been justified in using force to resist 'relocation to the east' by the Germans in WW2?"

"Would the Japanese Americans have been justified in using force to resist relocation to internment camps by the US Government in WW2?"

"But you said, the Govt rounding up citizens based on Religious or Ethnic Identity would not warrant armed resistance if courts bless the acts as constitutional?"

{deer in headlight moment]

We have to remember we do, after all, have Luther v Borden as precedent, holding that a 10 to one maladjusted representation in a state and an inability to amend the state constitution and a state government that shut out 9 of 10 residents from participation did not warrant armed revolt --although that is Taney of Dred Scott fame writing the decision, after all.