Tuesday, October 09, 2012

So Obama either actually thought he won,

or thought he had to pretend so; either way, damn.
Something that stands out to me:
'He went into the debate armed with a number of one-liners to throw at Romney, including at least two about Romney not caring about 47 per cent of the country. But he decided not to use them.'
A: I wonder if he decided not to use them because he realized it'd sound silly?  And Romney'd beat him over the head with them in response?
B: They actually prepped him with one-liners?  For this? What the hell were they thinking?
And if that's how they're thinking, combine that with Biden being the lying nutcase he is, the debate with Ryan ought to be painful to watch.

And if someone starts bragging about "Obama killed bin Laden!" again, kick them in the ass with this:
President Obama’s team “put a target” on the backs of the Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden, says Karen Vaughn in a video that suggests her son died three months later as a result of White House national security leaks.
The video, released by the conservative Veterans for a Strong America, shows Vice President Joe Biden talking about the raid during a public event and Defense Secretary Robert Gates complaining that an agreement to keep the raid details secret “fell apart” as the result of such comments.
“Aaron called me,” Mrs. Vaughn says, referring to her son, Special Operations Chief Aaron Vaughn, who was killed on August 6, 2011. “He said, ‘Mom, you need to wipe your social media clean. Get rid of everything, any reference to me or my buddies, because there is chatter and all of our lives are possibly in danger, including yours.’”
Remember that post the other day, fucking Biden didn't want the mission to happen solely because if it went bad it'd endanger reelection(screw what it would mean to the troops)?  Remember fucking Biden spilling information in the days after the raid?  And fucking Obama, too?

From Captain's Journal, what PC stupidity is doing to the forces.

 And, one way or another Ma Nature will get you.


tkdkerry said...

One liners? Of course! That's what they think constitutes real argument. Sarcastic, sneering, belittling of your opponent is to these cretins what thoughtful, reasoned logic is to us. This is why they're always bewildered when they lose, they truly don't understand reason.

Sigivald said...

They actually prepped him with one-liners? For this? What the hell were they thinking?

It's been amateur hour since 2008.