Friday, October 12, 2012

No, I didn't watch the debate;

don't watch most political speeches, either.

Morning rundown:
Seems when Cefalu was fired in a parking lot, it was recorded.
I repeat, that new 'I'm going to clean things up' ATF director seems to figure that means 'I'm going to fire whistleblowers to try to shut them up and set an example.'

Another "WHAT happened before you killed this old lady?" police shooting; let's say the story might seem to have some holes in it.

Obama & Co. have a double-standard: they want to lie about Libya, and they don't want Romney to say ANYTHING; if he does, it better be what they consider 'helpful'.

The deterioration of the Obama voter
And yeah, it's discouraging

And yes: Biden is a damned liar.  Again.
Told someone the other day that in this way Biden is just about the ideal politician: He will lie to your face, while looking you in the eye, and he will actually believe the lies while he's telling them to you.
Either that or he really can't tell the difference between the truth and what he says whenever he wants to say it.

Like Insty says, when Mediaite says you're full of crap and 'this is horrible' to a Obama official...

Stingray has a slight problem with coffee shops.
And a good idea for those people with expanded earlobes as a decoration.

Essentially what Bloomberg is doing is to use the Joyce Foundation as a cut-out to fund the radical gun prohibitionists at CSGV, VPC, and Media Matters. The clamor from these organizations makes Mayor Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors aka MAIG look much more moderate and "reasonable" by comparison.
 More on the subject here.

More on the CSGV and 'as long as the government is doing it':
 So in his attempt to try and redirect the topic away from his group's endorsement of historical events, all determined to be legal at the time, like the Japanese and Native American internments, Warsaw Ghetto, Soviet Gulags, or the Boer War camps, Ladd tries to expand the topic to ALL court cases since he knows he can't morally or ethically defend that statement. IOW, as long as the courts say it's OK, the CSGV would have no problems w/ the authorities busting in your door and rounding up all those untermenschen. You know, like 'right wing insurrectionists', mormons. or anyone Ladd just doesn't care for.

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