Monday, October 08, 2012

Every 'Romney lied! Republican are evil!' cliche and accusation

is all lined up, but at least he's also putting some blame on Obama.
Also, he ignores how long Democrats controlled Congress, and Obama having a can't-override majority; ALL the blame is the wicked Republicans getting in the way, not wanting to fix things, and(for a change) Obama not being willing to be nasty enough to fight them(Herbert, you slut, what ABOUT those majorities in Congress?)...

The problem with looking for Dyson Spheres?  If you've got the tech to build solar panels around a star, you've got the tech to bring in reactor fuel from other planets, from asteroids and so on.  Not to mention they might find other ways of generating energy; saying every civilization in the Universe eventually runs out of energy on its home planet, and then tries to deal with it the same way... somehow, I don't think so.

Interesting things turn up in great-great-grandmas' recipe book.

How much you want to bet Valerie Jarret is still pissed about the bin Laden mission, and doesn't want the poor murdering terrorists taken out?  Wonder if anyone will manage to talk him into giving the 'ok' for this mission, or if he'll stutter and delay and let them escape?

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Luton Ian said...

At least half of the Daniels family are teetotal Methodists.

Wisely so.

but I'm not sure which half of the family that is, the distillers or the none distillers.