Sunday, October 07, 2012

Lots of stupid people still like the idea of communism,

which ought to be considered proof of a brain problem.  I mean, come ON, people, you actually believe having the government run everyones' life is the right way?  Really?

Yeah, I know, they really are out there and the really, truly believe that.  They tend to be the same people I've heard them say that the state taking a third to a half of your already multiply-taxed estate just because you died is 'fair'.  Point out all the people who've had to sell the family farm or business to pay that tax extortion under color of law, they either want to change the subject or insist that that's one of the costs of 'fairness'*; I have yet to hear an explanation of how that's 'fair' that made sense to me.

They also tend to be the people who want to control our energy use, our medicine, our language, our EVERYEFFINGTHING in the name of 'fairness' and 'equality' and all the other effing buzzwords they use to disguise what they really want, which is tyranny.

With a nicer name and a smiley face pasted over the fangs, of course.

*I'd stated that the death tax was theft under color of law; the response was a sneering "So it hurts the poor little rich kids?  Isn't that sad."  I asked if she included as 'poor little rich kids' people who've lost the farm or business to pay that tax, and got no answer.  At all.

Added: Stalin forbid some school with a good cook has better food:
"A menu has been developed... It is about making a collective effort on quality, to improve school meals overall and to try and ensure everyone does the same," Katarina Lindberg, head of the unit responsible for the school diet scheme, told the local Falukuriren newspaper.

*Same person later insisted that the legal loopholes to hide/shelter/etc. an estate from being looted(y'know, like Ted Kennedy and other tax-dodging National Socialist Democrats do) "isn't that big a deal."  My response: "Yeah, you should have to hire lawyers and jump through hoops to prevent your legacy being looted."  "It's NOT looting; it's the price we pay for living in this wonderful country."
Moment of stupified silence.  "The 'price we pay' is being robbed because people like you think it's FAIR?"
Yes, they do.


Luton Ian said...

Experience and theory has shown that when the "stabilization" phase begins, the "true believers" will be deep sixed long before thee and me (kulaks, bourgeois, refuseniks etc)

They have served their purpose, and will only become bitter anti communists/national socialists/greens when they see what really happens.

The state is violence,

(a law, any law, even the most menial parking, dog fouling and jaywalking law, is backed up by a credible death threat, without that it is not a law, but advice which can be safely ignored)

the only way the state can extend its control to the totality of life - is by increasing the amount of violence it uses - it issues more and more credible death threats and it kills more and more people.

I used to be a minarchist (mini statist), I grew out of that.

Marja said...

I have visited one communist state when I was a teenager, Soviet Union, about a decade before it collapsed. I didn't see much and I don't remember much, but what I do remember was mostly just depressing.

People who wouldn't talk to you in the same room where the telephone was because they were scared that it might be used to eavesdrop on them. Shops that didn't have much in them, and what there was was mostly crap. Lines, people waiting in lines. Smuggling something like panty hose into the country because that way you could pay a good portion of your travel expenses, as the locals would pay a lot more for items like that than you had to pay back home - and you would have no problems finding the buyers, people would come and ask when they saw you were a tourist. A restaurant where they served the food and the coffee from mismatched tableware, and the coffee cup had a broken and badly glued handle. Not much variety in food, some that was pretty good and served on almost every meal, but it was always the same rather limited selection, and anything else there might be was not particularly appetizing. Grim looking soldiers and military types around, and civilians having the tendency to go pretty quiet when they appeared. Old cars. Very little anything beautiful to be seen, and what there was, buildings, art, was mostly historical, from the time of the Czars. Everything more modern was utilitarian, badly maintained and mostly rather ugly.

Can't say the place left me with a good impression.

Keith said...

I spent a few months in Angola - nasty!

It wasn't a poor country, but it had a lot of poor people. An old person was such a rarity (I only ever saw 2 the whole time I was there! I'd see 3 or 4 albinos each day!) that I took their photo.

Anywhere that went commie, the life expectancy decreased, the people became public slaves

private slaves are valuable to their owner (while all slavery is an abomination, if I had to be a slave, I'd rather be a privately owned slave!)

Public slaves - like any "public" property are neglected and mistreated - people look after their own private car, no one looks after the pool car or a hire car.