Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This stupid is just flat painful to read about

I don't care what you saw on Disney or Animal Planet, leave the damned cat alone.

That is a quite nice bottle & cup; and you can make coffee in it!

In favor of the levergun for social situations.

Well, this is just effing wonderful:
Syria tested firing systems for poison gas shells at the country's largest chemical weapons research center at Safira, east of Aleppo, last month, German weekly Der Spiegel reported on Monday, citing statements from various witnesses.

According to the report, Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers were flown in by helicopter to witness the testing.
It's also a well-known fact that Iran has been an active participant in Syria's WMD activities. In July 2007 "dozens" of Iranian engineers were killed (along with 15 Syrian military personnel) in an explosion at a research complex in the Aleppo region. According to Jane's Defence Weekly, the incident occurred when rocket fuel caught fire and Iranian and Syrian technicians attempted to load mustard gas onto a SCUD C missile. The blast also released a cloud of mustard, Sarin and VX nerve gas across the compound
Put bluntly: I don't believe Obama would order military action against Syria- REAL military action- unless he thought there was some way to claim credit so as to help his reelection chances. He'd be more likely to try to under-the-table nudge the Israelis to do it(or just wait for them to do it when they decide they cannot wait any longer) and then both talk about the horrible Israelis and the harm they did, and offer aid to the 'victims' of the nasty Jews.

What? Holder & Media Matters working together to try to derail Gunwalker coverage? Whoda thunk such a thing?

'Night, all

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