Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penn Square Mall: no answer as yet

so I sent the following to Simon Property Group:
I am sending my question as a general inquiry because when I send to Penn Square specifically, or name it in this form I get the following reject:
DELIVERY FAILURE: User blanddec ( not listed in Domino Directory

My question:
I went to Penn Square for the first time in a while, and noticed that you have posted 'no firearms' signs on the doors.

Those who have carry permits have passed a background investigation and class; I am curious as to why you have decided that people with concealed carry permits are not welcome in your mall, or are not trusted to carry their sidearm there

That header added for the reason noted: send to the specific contact for Penn Square Mall, or if- in the corporate form- I choose 'mall specific question', I get a reject.

Not that it matters so far, because nobody has answered the question; we'll see if they do this time.  Last time and this I get a automated "We received it, someone will answer" message, so I know it's getting there.

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