Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This about covers the "Why don't people like muslims?" wailing:

You know, I think we're getting to the point where "Islamophobia" (instead of, er... "misislamy"? ...which is what you probably meant) is getting to be an appropriate term to use. I do get a little edgy around people when I'm not sure if their response to "Hey, Ahmet my friend, tell me, did you hear the one about 'Why did the Prophet cross the road?'" will be to throw Molotov cocktails through my windows and drag my beheaded corpse through the street.

Actually, "Islamophobia" may not be an accurate term at all, since "-phobia" describes fear that is irrational or out of proportion, when it has been shown over and over that a fear of Muslims losing their collective $#!+ in an orgy of burning, looting, and killing in response to "insults" that might not even be sufficient do draw more than a "Yeah? So's your mom!" in response on any civilized elementary school playground is grounded in, not just historic example, but a clear-headed grasp of current events.

This is in response to another "It's our fault, we need to be more understanding!" editorial.

"Why won’t President Obama — unlike Paul Ryan — release a long-term budget plan? Simple. If he did, it would show the only way to realistically pay for the Democratic spending agenda is to eventually raise taxes on pretty much everybody.

See, if you are not going to cut future spending increases and dramatically reform entitlements, raising taxes on just the rich isn’t enough to cover the budget gap. The Buffett Rule is a sham. The Tax Policy Center clearly showed that in a recent tax simulation it conducted:

What? Mother Jones 'inadvertently' lost a couple of minutes of Romney audio?

Yeah, we can trust the polls

If you’re wondering why the rich are getting richer, ask Mr. Bernanke.

President Obama has accused Mitt Romney of being a “reverse Robin Hood” – taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Ironically, that’s exactly what Fed Chair Ben Bernanke is doing, with the blessing of the Obama White House. Mr. Bernanke has again opened the central bank spigots, promising another round of quantitative easing, or bond and asset purchases, aimed at keeping interest rates low for the foreseeable future.

The upshot? Rising gasoline prices which will hurt low-income Americans, reduced income for retirees, and soaring stock prices. While seniors worried how they could cope with diminished incomes, the 40 wealthiest people in the world saw their net worth jump by $29 billion this past week

Why don't so many of us trust the media? Because so many of them are so full of crap, and in collusion with Obama & Co.
Today’s revelation by Matt Boyle that the Justice Department is coordinating attacks on private citizens (including me) and coordinating with Media Matters on a wider scale than I first reported some months ago here at PJ Media provokes the question — why?

I raise this German history not to compare the events of that era to events today in America, but rather to note peculiar characteristics common to political thuggery, regardless of the degree or nationality of the thuggery

I shall now, among other things, get some chili started for dinner. And rake up what Security Staff(Jr.) has found and carried to the center of the yard to chew on. Or admire the arrangement of. Whatever, it's a mess.

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