Monday, May 21, 2012

This kind of attitude is behind a lot of our problems

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a sitting vice president,”... sounds an awful lot like "Even a dog may look upon a king", which is a bullshit attitude for a republic.

He's a friggin' public employee, not someone of noble blood, 'seeing' him shouldn't be a big deal. We've given too much "This is SENATOR Foghorn" or "REPRESENTATIVE Kickback"; it ought to be "This is Mr. Foghorn, who's our Senator," something like that. Stop treating these politicians as if they're more than they actually are.

Can't remember where I first heard this line, actually a tv show years back, which I modified slightly: "Politicians are your employees. All too often incompetent or corrupt, but still your employees; and if you don't like how they work, you vote and you FIRE THEM."


John said...

It always chaps my hide when a reporter refers to elected public servants as 'leaders'.

Within the chamber to which they were elected they might hold a leadership role, but beyond that, I expect them to REPRESENT the people of their districts or their states, not to LEAD them!

Ben C said...

It would be more worthwhile to post as a once in a lifetime opportunity to piss on a VP's pantleg...

More entertaining anyway

Windy Wilson said...

How CAN one arrange to be governed by the first 1000 names in the Manhattan phone book, anyway?