Friday, May 25, 2012

My first question: Will she be charged?

Second: if not, why the hell not?
Gibson testified that Banks raped her on the Poly campus. Banks said the encounter was consensual.

Rather than face a prison term of from 41 years to life, Banks accepted a plea deal that [led to his spending 5 years in prison].

Gibson sued the Long Beach Unified School District, claiming the Poly campus was not a safe environment, and won a $1.5-million settlement.

Nearly a decade later, Gibson contacted Banks on Facebook, met with him and admitted that she had fabricated the story.
Third, look at comment #35: will the attorney face sanctions?

She should be prosecuted if at all possible, the attorney should be prosecuted(if possible) and disbarred forever.

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Anonymous said...

I read about that in another news source It turns out she would have come forward sooner but she was afraid she would haft to give the money back. She should be made to pay it all back and then some.
Sincerely Frank