Sunday, May 20, 2012

Do you have this level of professional educator

in your kids' district?
The still unidentified teacher read the student her rules…her Obama rules.

“Not about him, you won’t!”

The back and forth continued and the most strident of the two students reminded his teacher that President Bush was constantly treated to negative statements about him while he was in office:

“Whenever Bush was president, everybody talked sh-t about him.”

To which the teacher responded:

“Because he was sh-tty.”

The social studies educator went on for a full minute with more ranting, saying that people were arrested for saying derogatory things about President Bush. The student correctly reminded the teacher that opinions are protected, but you cannot be arrested unless you threaten the president.
A while back Tam noted that every LEO in the country had better realize that when they're on duty, whatever they do, there's liable to be a camera on them. Looks like teachers are going to have to consider the same thing.

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Windy Wilson said...

I'm not sure I can find it easily or quickly enough to post it here before the comments close, but when Adolf Eichmann was captured in Argentina, he was questioned about why children under age 10 should be starved and sent to gas chambers. His reply, reportedly in a tone indicating the self evident nature of his answer was, "But they were Jews".
Two things I haven't heard in well on thirty years. "it's a free country", and "it can't happen here."