Friday, May 25, 2012

It's hard to describe how I'm coming to loathe as well as despise (updated)

this man.
Vice President Biden will deliver remarks to families of fallen military service personnel in Arlington, Va. President Obama has no public appearances.

I know, you have a tough job. You need the rest. So you're sending the Second Team to cover for you at Arlington, so that you can properly enjoy Memorial Day with brats, beer, and maybe some hoops. Take a nap, yanno, enjoy the day off.

Like the troops at Arlington who are taking dirt naps. "For you," if I recall correctly.

Update: now we're hearing this:
President Obama will become the third president to salute the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, bringing his reelection year effort to woo vets to the “Wall” on Memorial Day, May 28.
So; what was with the 'President Obama has no public appearances' story?
I admit, I despise this man so much that the 'reelection year effort' makes me wish he'd just stayed away.

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Windy Wilson said...

UnF*****G believable. To paraphrase Superchicken to his sidekick Fred, "You knew the job required long hours when you volunteered for it."
Imagine if Bush or Shrub had failed to appear at Arlington for the annual speech before Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Media would, of course apply Ayers's Rule 1 to him. "Make sure your opponent plays by the rules."
I thought Being There would remain fiction. The POTUS is an empty suit, and the VP is an empty head.
Both should live long lives after this election, in disgraced obscurity, cautionary examples of the danger of electing blank slates on which each voter is free to paint his (or her) image of what he or she was voting for.