Sunday, April 15, 2012

Right now it's thundering a bit and raining, but

it's just a normal spring thunderstorm; All the severe happened yesterday evening/last night and up northwest.

At two different times the cell doing most of the nasty in OK in the evening produced paired funnels, along with a lot of singles and hail and nasty winds; yet they somehow managed to stay out of cities and towns for the most part, until that bleeping thing dropped on Woodward at midnight.

Five dead and a bunch of injured, some critical, last I heard, and that's light compared to what it could have been. What it was in 1947. I'm guessing all the warning from the stuff earlier: all three big news stations in OKC had choppers and ground chasers following the cells, and when that kind of crap is going on you tend to stay ready to run, either out of the way or into shelter. Fast-moving bastard, from time first reported to hitting Woodward less than a half-hour, and looks like it spun up and strengthened fast shortly before hitting.

Don't know what all this mess has done in other places.

Added: Wichita and Salina in KS, and more in Iowa

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