Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remember that article on the FBI lab screwups and falsehoods

linked to the other day? It gets better and better:
If the Justice Department was secretive, the agency’s independent inspector general was not. Michael R. Bromwich’s probe culminated in a devastating 517-page report in April 1997on misconduct at the FBI lab.

His findings stopped short of accusing agents of perjury or of fabricating results, but he concluded that FBI managers failed — in some cases for years — to respond to warnings about the scientific integrity and competence of agents.

The chief of the lab’s explosives unit, for example, “repeatedly reached conclusions that incriminated the defendants without a scientific basis” in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, Bromwich wrote. The head of toxicology lacked judgment and credibility and overstated results in the 1994 Simpson investigation. After the 1993 World Trade Center attack, the key FBI witness “worked backward,” tailoring his testimony to reach the result he wanted. Other agents “spruced up” notes for trial, altered reports without the author’s permission or failed to document or confirm their findings
'Disgusting' barely begins to cover this.

Van Jones, racist bastard and general communist dirtbag.

House acts to protect hunting, and to tell the friggin' EPA(again) "You don't have the authority to ban lead in ammo, don't try it."

I'll believe the IRS takes this 'seriously' when they find who did it and can him; unless they do, it's just more 'Say the right words to make people shut up' coverup.

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