Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, we know what Leon Panetta's word is worth,

as he's using that oath to uphold and protect the Constitution to wipe his ass with, probably on one of those weekend trips home he feels so bad about.
Panetta said Obama would act pursuant to the War Powers Act if opting for military intervention, but would not promise to secure Congressional approval before taking such action.

“The Constitution indicates that the Commander-in-Chief should act when the American people are in jeopardy,” he said.

Forbes pressed Panetta further, wondering why the administration would give assurances that they would secure the approval of the global community before taking action, but would not do so for Congressional approval.

The administration “would take steps” to seek approval from Congress, Panetta said, if the decision was made that military action was warranted.

“As long as I am secretary, we won’t take any action without the proper authority,” he said.
Except they can call it 'kinetic military action' and say Obama doesn't have to talk to Congress about that. Just like Libya.

Wonderful, isn't it? Some troops do something distasteful and he has fits and wants heads, but when it comes to betraying his oath, THAT'S not a big deal.

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