Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm sure the Baghdad Bob of the TSA will tell us

this doesn't count for anything and a study showed it didn't actually happen, or something.
He and his 85-year-old travel companion have two replaced knees, a replaced hip and a pair of wheelchairs between them. What they didn't anticipate was being subjected to full-on "humiliating" TSA private-room pat-downs. "Do I look like a terrorist?" he asked.Link

Worst of all, the TSA agent made Petti empty his pockets, including a money-clipped $300, which had disappeared from the screening area by the time he was released. Petti has filed police reports and TSA paperwork but hasn't gotten any satisfactory answers -- or his money.
Just effing wonderful; I wonder how Pistole will excuse this as 'unfortunate' or something?

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