Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The only proper answer would be "None of your damned business"

According to Phillip Levine of the Houston Free Thinkers blog, shortly after Lee gave her press conference the operation went straight into effect, with DHS and Metro Police officers questioning passengers who were exiting buses about their destinations and their reasons for riding the bus.

“When I arrived at Wheeler I got off the stage and instantly noticed the massive police presence. The police presence consisted of DHS, metro police, HPD, TSA, and Harris county police officers. They were going on to buses searching and stopping people for questions. Apparently Sheila Jackson Lee was there pushing for more security like what I was viewing. I asked the TSA agent if there was gonna be a bigger presence of metro or TSA. He said both,” Levine said in an email.
Really? You're on a bus and that somehow gives them permission to search you and your bags? This crap needs to be stepped on, badly.

You'll notice the National Socialist Democrat pushing this garbage; apparently NO level of screwing with our lives will ever be good enough for her.

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Windy Wilson said...

Why stop at asking where they're going? Why not just go directly to, "Ausweis, bitte?"