Monday, April 16, 2012

Yeah, I'll bet Panetta really regrets it

Panetta said he’d try to find some savings, with each round trip costing approximately $32,000.
Ok, park your overpaid, overprivileged ass in a cargo plane that happens to be going in the right direction; there should be space for your comm gear and ass-kissersassistants.

So it's now the People's Republic of Michigan; things are going to hell even faster than realized. Assuming the information is true, there's a bunch of people who need to have their badges taken away, and if they did lie to get the warrants they should be prosecuted for it.

Well, Rep. Issa, I damn well hope so; because if they walk then everyone involved in letting them should be canned.
Preferably in something airtight.

Well, well, that absolutely lousy affidavit somehow overlooked something else:
George Zimmerman tried to follow Trayvon Martin, which was entirely legal (those who would argue otherwise need to bone up on Florida’s stalking law). After the dispatcher seems to grasp Zimmerman is most likely attempting to run after Martin, he says ““Okay, we don’t need you to do that.”

Zimmermans’ response? He says “Okay,” and seemingly terminates the pursuit. He speaks to the dispatcher from his current stopped location for another 93 seconds.

A minute or so after that, Zimmerman tells the dispatcher, “Oh crap, I don’t want to give that all out. I don’t know where this kid is.”

Zimmerman’s own 911 call strongly suggests that he was not following Trayvon Martin
I'd imagine, if a judge doesn't crap on the case over the affidavit, the defense is going to have fun with this.
I wonder, if it can be shown the prosecutor knew about this and ignored it, would that count toward prosecutorial misconduct?

Dammit, I forgot about Buy A Gun Day; of course, not in a position right now to buy something anyway.

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