Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Yes, the ice cream machine has been balky lately

Between odd hours, not enough sleep and a lot of general disgust, it's been hard to work up much enthusiasm to dig through all the crap going on. Weather's been ratty enough haven't been to the outdoor range to give the M1 Ultimak setup a real tryout, and not to the indoor range for a while, either. Still, general outrage has good points, such as thinking "I know the people who read my ravings know about this crap, but I have the need to yell some more anyway":
Operation Fast and Furious was specifically conceived so that “walked” guns would be recovered at crime scenes in Mexico. Their serial numbers would be provided to the ATF by Mexican authorities for tracing. Regardless of motive, the entire operation was premised on weapons being recovered at crime scenes in Mexico, and law enforcement agencies are well aware that criminals primarily abandon weapons only after they’ve been used in serious felony crimes such as murder or attempted murder.

Operation Fast and Furious was conceived knowing that Mexican nationals would be sacrificed in significant numbers if the tracing operation had any chance of working.

Operation Fast and Furious allowed more than 2,000 weapons to “walk,” indicating that those in charge of the operation were willing to let thousands of Mexican nationals die in an effort to identify the ringleaders of a cartel’s weapon acquisition team.
And, put bluntly, I'm getting God-damned tired of not seeing people who lied to Congress, who committed perjury and apparently violated export laws and so on, charged with their crimes. If Issa and Grassley and the Stupid Party leadership let some people get fired and then turn loose of this, every damned one of them should be removed from office at the first opportunity. Preferably in a manner involving the use of tar and feathers. The Dutchman has a long post on his recent trip to Sodom on the Potomac for the most recent hearing; I'll put up something on that later today.

On to what happens in city controlled for decades by crooks and progressives: when LE goes to hell because the budget gets cut again, people are doing what they have the right to do: protect themselves.
You'll notice the web address includes 'detroit-vigilantes', and the article has numerous references to people arming for self-defense 'taking the law into their own hands'; either the author doesn't know the difference between vigilante and self-defender, or doesn't care. It being Detroit and a journalist, could be both.

Some of the nannies make it plain: to save us all from meth, they'd like to see ALL formerly over-the-counter cold/allergy meds banned. Howzabout we let anybody stupid enough to use meth kill themselves and let people go back to buying their stuff- in the original formula- as needed? And tell the nannies to kiss our collective ass.

On the recent "We don't care what your beliefs are, you church people will do what you're told" orders from The Lightworker, opposition builds. I'm wondering, do the clowns think they'll get enough support from the left that they can afford to piss off this many voters(including the ones that haven't voted in years, but this'll probably bring them to the polls this fall), or if they just don't care so long as they enact another stop in their agenda(and hope it'll stand challenges)?

Obama really doesn't like that Separation of Powers thing, does he?

Maria Corina Machado: someone to remember. And wonder how long she'll stay A: alive and B: out of prison.

From Hanson: Are you one of 'them'?

Stuff to do, more later as the outrage and general upset overcomes good sense.

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markm said...

About psuedoephedrine, how about getting to the root cause of all these problems: the attempt to regulate the use by adults of a substance that is often prescribed for children.


Some people might like to brew their own beer and moonshine, but they aren't going to cook up a better batch of meth than you can buy in a pharmacy.