Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"Why would you want to have a gun in a national park?"

Taking all the recommended precautions wasn't enough to keep a mountain lion from snatching a 6-year-old Leander boy from his mother's hand and clamping its jaws on his face at Big Bend National Park on Sunday night.
"This attack did not happen on a trail. We were not hiking," Harris said. "We were on a paved walkway in between a restaurant and a hotel, and this cat grabbed my child from me."
Yeah, I think I'd rather have something .35-caliber or up rather than trust to a pocketknife.

And here's a wonderful bit of wording for you:
Park spokesman David Elkowitz said it is very unusual for a mountain lion to attack someone so close to a building.
Tempting to add "Usually the attacks are out on a trail" to that.