Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Henderson, NV PD: and what will you do for an encore?

It may be reasonable for police officers to assume that someone weaving through lanes and driving erratically at 4 a.m. could be intoxicated. This is just what Nevada law enforcement assumed when they pulled over Adam Greene, forced him out of his vehicle when he wouldn’t move and beat him until his body would submit to allowing them to put on handcuffs.

But Greene, of Henderson, Nev., wasn’t intoxicated. He was in diabetic shock, a condition that results from low blood sugar.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal explains officers believed Greene to be resisting arrest, so they put their knees into his back to yank his arms upward, cracking one of his ribs in the process, and kicked him in the face. Officers from both the Henderson Police Department and Nevada Highway Patrol were present, although it is reported that state troopers did not beat Greene.
Get rid of qualified immunity. These bastards ought to have to pay this award out of their own pockets.

You want to know what will open your eyes? One day, years back, I was sitting in a car full of long-time(15, 20, 25 years) LE officers listening to them bitching about the attitude problems of a lot of the younger officers; if they have a problem, what do you think those younger officers are like to the average citizen they deal with?

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Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"it is reported that state troopers did not beat Greene"

Who cares? They did nothing to stop the beating, either, so they should hang with the rest.