Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So this guy- former Border Patrol agent- says

the mess at the borders is due to the intentions of a bunch of people in government. I have to ask a question, or borrow one from Kevin speaking of some of the crap going on: Again, if Obama is out to destroy America, would he be doing anything differently?
The comparison is apt, I think: assume that the borders mess isn't by design; if it were, would they be doing anything differently?

One of the things that annoys me? Let's say I pass the above article at Blaze on to some others I know: I know a goodly number who'll dismiss it out-of-hand simply because it's on Blaze. They do the same for something from Fox News just because it's Fox: "You can't believe ANYTHING Faux news puts out!" Challenge them to show where the report is false or inaccurate, they ignore you; by definition(to them) it being from that source automatically means they can dismiss anything there.

Totally unrelated, it's Kalashnikitty time! If nothing else, I can guarantee from personal experience that these shirts do a fine job of pissing off some liberal types.

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