Tuesday, February 07, 2012

And one more, from Codrea

Here's the thing: If the federal "intelligence" apparatus is so finely tuned they can swoop down on a British tourist tweeting jokes from "Family Guy," what do you think the odds are they would be oblivious to an unfolding story that threatens to reach into the top levels of the administration? And how is it some guy in Alabama and another one in Ohio were getting and documenting all kinds of continually-corroborated information--for months--while the subjects of their reports remained blissfully unaware?

And indications that Traver, who Obama & Co. want as head of ATF, was probably in the know about Gunwalker.

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Keith said...

I agree with Codrea,


there is the ever available excuse that it all depends which way the eye of Sauron was looking at the time and what it was looking for (yeah, I've watched a CCTV camera follow a cute ass down the street rather than watch scum bags).

No statist is going to want to admit that their apparatus and rule is anything other than omniscient and omnipotent;

David's question neatly puts them onto the horns of a dilemma.


they are far from as powerful as they would like us to believe they are,


They knew all about the crap, thereby proving that they are very far from the angels they would like us to believe they are.