Monday, February 20, 2012

Some information on Vitamin D

found over here. Bunch of stuff I hadn't known. Daughter got interested in the subject a while back and has been researching it; this includes some stuff she hadn't found as yet. Short version: you probably need more than you're getting, and being out in the sun isn't the horror that's been pushed for quite a while now.

Which especially caught my eye because last physical the doc advised me that I should ALWAYS use sunscreen, year-round. I started wondering if sunscreen affected the good you get from sunlight; seems it does.

The Ten New Commandments, from Hanson.

Y'know, this kind of thing might make some people nervous

(thanks to Sondra for this one)

In September of 2010, a federal district court ruled that Zaccari ignored “clearly established” law when he punished Barnes without notice or a hearing. Because of that, he could not claim the “qualified immunity” defense — which meant that he could be found personally liable for damages to Barnes. Zaccari appealed, and last week, the Eleventh Circuit upheld that removal of qualified immunity.

This finding sends a clear message to university presidents and administrators: if you violate a student’s constitutional rights, you could well pay damages out of your own pocket.
Now we need this applied to a lot of prosecutors and cops

6 painful things nobody tells you about fighting
I remember the story when Mike Tyson was swung at by a drunk one night; he decked the guy with one punch, which
Was declared proper self-defense, and
Broke a bone in his hand, causing a title match to be delayed by several weeks.
I think the line from a Drake book was "You shouldn't hit someone with your bare hand unless you're stark naked in an empty room."

During the range trip a couple of days ago I kept my eyes out for usable brass and such. I did find two Garand clips someone left behind, and a few brass; but on rifle cartridges most of what's left behind anymore is either Berdan primed or something- like .223- that a lot of people don't want to bother with reloading.


Gerry N. said...

My sawbones has had me on 5000 units of Vit. D daily for a couple of years. It's dirt cheap over the counter and you can't easily OD on it. He says that the silliness of solarphobia is causing a metric buttload of problems for kids who aren't allowed to play in the sun, as we were when we were sprogs and sprogettes. I remember swimming in a slimey stock tank half full of leeches and perch 'cause it was the closest thing around to get wet in. It never seemed to hurt me any.

Gerry N.

Marja said...

I suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Badly, I dropped out of university because I couldn't keep my grades up during the winter - well, in the last two years I couldn't pass the damn exams at all except during early fall and late spring. And after that, something like 15 years during which I didn't even dare to look for any better paying jobs than the low level mostly physical labor stuff I kept doing because I knew I would not be able to do anything more cerebral properly during midwinter (I could sleep something like 14 hours per day and I'd still be tired the whole time I was awake, I couldn't concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time, I'd forget things...).

I started using large amounts of vitamin D during the winter about 6 years ago (and a bit smaller amounts during the summer too, but for the winter it's maximum recommended). Guess what, it seems that the bigger problem with at least my SAD had probably been lack of D3, you can have enough from sunlight in this country for only about three or four months during the year and I have always hated sunbathing so I was probably more or less deficient even during the summers. I still get sort of tired and sleep a bit more during the winter, but it's nowhere close to what it used to be like.

Well, better late than never, I guess, but I do still have a reasonably good claim for having had my life at least partially ruined by lack of knowledge of a certain, one thing. Nobody's fault, there just wasn't much knowledge about this thing back then, but it's still kind of aggravating. But even so, now that there is more knowledge, I had to dig it up myself. No doctor has even recommended using D3 to me.

bob r said...

I've been taking about 8000 iu of D3 a day for three years. Have not had a cold or flu since. Vitamin A and K2 should be taken with it also to get the best effect. Vitamin D levels are also inversely associated with cancer: adequate D3 --> less cancer.

The *only* way to know what *your* vitamin D levels are is with a blood test. This can be done via mail and cost about $65 (single; $220 for 4). Available at ZRT Lab.

Vitamin D Prevents Cancer: Is It True?
See page 4 of this pdf for cancer incidence vs. Vitamin D levels.

New Evidence of Synergy Between Vitamins A and D: Protection Against Autoimmune Diseases

Vitamin K2 and its effect:
On the Trail of the Elusive X-Factor: A Sixty-Two-Year-Old Mystery Finally Solved