Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"To protect you from meth, we're going to screw with your life

even more than we already have."
Yes, in order to save us from meth, they want you to have to go to the doctor and get a prescription before you can buy a bloody DECONGESTANT.

Let's see...
Take time off from work.
Pay your copay or whatever for the appointment.
Take up the docs' time for seeing people with injuries/illness.
And it's just the next step in "It didn't work before, so we'll do it again, only HARDER!"

Of course, it's the evil pharmaceutical lobby that doesn't want this; never mind that
The Oklahoma State Medical Association, the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association and the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians all are opposed to requiring prescriptions for pseudoephedrine. In part because they say it will increase the number of doctor visits and keep a safe medicine out of some people's hands.
Which, obviously, cannot be allowed to prevent us being screwed some more in the name of our own safety

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Sigivald said...

Oregon did that a while ago.

And it's absolutely stupid.

(I just hop across the border to Washington for Sudafed.

And still have to show my ID, because after all, it would be horrible if someone got high.

Well, and if something like 3/4 of the nation's methamphetamine wasn't imported illegally from Mexico.

There may be no limit to the harms of politicians' need to be seen to be doing something...)