Sunday, February 19, 2012

One of the same things I've learned this week:

No. Instead, I stated that the “millions of American women” phrase was hyperbole, because there are only tens of thousands of women who work for churches, but not “millions”.

I was immediately set up by her for “attacking the messenger”, something explicitly prohibited in the forum rules. She didn’t even attempt to say that maybe she had been misinformed or that she had some sort of evidence to prove her numbers.
Other things:
If you point out the hearing the Democrats tried to take over wasn't about contraception, it was about the 1st Amendment problems raised by Obama's diktat, you're a misogynist. And part of the 'boys club' that wants women to do what they're told.
And if you dare to ask "Why should the government be paying for anyones' birth control?"(don't have to mention abortion unless you really want to see people crap their pants) you will be informed that you don't want women to have health care. Yes, it has magically occurred that 'birth control' automatically means ALL health care. At least for women. Question anything about that and you hate womyn,etc.

In the past, I once told someone I'd formerly thought a reasonable sort that "If someone wants to have an abortion, I'm not stopping them; but they can damn well pay for it themselves and stop demanding I do so." I pretty much walked into their place of worship and peed on the altar; it seems that 'abortion and contraception are available' only counts if they can make someone else pay for it.

Oh, and let's not forget that no man has any interest in contraception, oh no, this is purely an interest of women...

I mentioned this before, but this level of either desperation or stupidity needs to be repeated:
Using cash for small purchases like a cup of coffee, gum and other items is a good indication that a person is trying to pass for normal without leaving the kind of paper trail created using a debit or credit card for small purchases.
Makes me think of some KGB dirtbag asking a peasan- er, 'Soviet citizen' "Why do you use cash, comrade? Why do you not make our job of monitoring your life easier? What are you up to?"

Speaking of stupidity,
Elliott Dearlove had asked a five-year-old boy in the playground whether he was ‘brown because he was from Africa’.

His mother, Hayley White, 29, said she received a phone call last month to say her son had been at the centre of a ‘racist incident’.

She was then summoned to a meeting with Elliott, his teacher and the deputy head of Griffin Primary School in Hull.
Ms White claimed she was asked at the meeting to read a copy of the school rules and in particular its zero-tolerance policy on racism.

‘I was told I would have to sign a form acknowledging my son had made a racist remark which would be submitted to the local education authority for further investigation,’ she said.

Also on stupidity, and general socialist bullshit, home schooling is the enemy of being progressive:
This overheated hostility toward public schools runs throughout the new literature on liberal homeschooling, and reveals what is so fundamentally illiberal about the trend: It is rooted in distrust of the public sphere, in class privilege, and in the dated presumption that children hail from two-parent families, in which at least one parent can afford (and wants) to take significant time away from paid work in order to manage a process—education—that most parents entrust to the community at-large.
So: if you're politically liberal and take your kids out of some crappy state school and teach them at home, you're an ESPECIALLY bad Enemy of the Progressive State. As opposed to conservatives or libertarians who're just plain evil anyway.

Something on "Treat kids like everybody used to, and you're a criminal."

Withdrawal symptoms: they can be a problem

Also from the Doc, and I'm stealing the whole thing:
As my readers know, I'm running for President this year.

Now, admittedly, my entire campaign thus far is based on one issue, but yesterday while attending a 9-year-old girl's birthday party with my kids, I came up with a second point.

While I strongly support freedom of expression, I also believe some times are better than others to express your beliefs.

So, if elected President, I promise you this:

Any father who shows up at his 9-year daughter's birthday party wearing a T-shirt that says "IT AIN'T GONNA SUCK ITSELF" with an arrow pointing downwards, will be immediately castrated by specially trained fashion police.

Vote Grumpy, 2012!

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