Monday, February 20, 2012

Open-Carry law being pushed in OK

A proposed law change filed in the House would remove the requirement that Oklahomans with a handgun license keep their weapons concealed at all times.

House Bill 3114, filed by House Speaker Pro Tempore Jeff Hickman, removes the concealed requirement from Oklahoma statutes regarding handgun licenses. The existing system of background checks and training, which is part of Oklahoma’s successful concealed carry law, would remain in effect.
Overall, I'd prefer to carry concealed, but there are times being able to open carry would be very nice. Especially in summer.


Anonymous said...

Indiana allows both with a License to Carry Handgun. I would think it would make life easier even if your primary default is concealed. If your cover garment is discombobulated to the point that you are showing your weapon at least you are still legal. One mans opinion and all that.
Rey B

Keith said...

Obviously I can't carry, here in Europe, and my term in South Africa finished before I'd done the training for a carry license...

"Open carry" certainly removes the problems of a bullsh!t prosecution if the print of your gun becomes visible, and yes, on a hot day, or driving, it would be a lot more comfortable to let it show.

I think most people will choose to conceal, as it keeps the bad guys guessing about who might pull a gun and from where.

Anything which introduces uncertainties for those characters makes the rest of us safer,

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