Monday, February 20, 2012

...(DHS) is still giving local law enforcement agencies military vehicles.

According to a report in The Huffington Post, a small town in New Hampshire was set to receive an armored personnel vehicle before one local resident launched a petition drive to block the acquisition.
A Lenco spokesman criticized some of the citizens who spoke out against his firm's vehicle, calling them "crazy" and saying, "When a Lenco Bearcat shows up at a crime scene where a suicidal killer is holding hostages, it doesn't show up with a cannon. It shows up with a negotiator. Our trucks save lives," according to the article
Because a negotiator isn't safe traveling the public streets unless he's in an armored vehicle, probably with some cops playing 'The Infantry Squad In The Assault'.

And I wonder if they're planning on more OPM from DHS to pay for maintenance and so forth?

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