Monday, January 16, 2012

I read this about Sweden,

and have a question:Link
Considering the problems Sweden is having with 'unassimilated immigrants of North African origin', I wonder if any of this leniency is due to "Let's not make them mad" concerns?

So Sen. Orrin Hatch is being primaried; good. Damn good. I hope they kick his ass out.

Insty points to some history of the Sullivan Act that Bloomberg so loves:
Sullivan knew the gangs would flout the law, but appearances were more important than results. Young toughs took to sewing the pockets of their coats shut, so that cops couldn’t plant firearms on them, and many gangsters stashed their weapons inside their girlfriends’ “bird cages” — wire-mesh fashion contraptions around which women would wind their hair.

Ordinary citizens, on the other hand, were disarmed, which solved another problem: Gangsters had been bitterly complaining to Tammany that their victims sometimes shot back at them.

Irish citizens get some of their right of self-defense back: gun bigots and socialists scandalized. In particular because it violates the EUnuch sensitivities:
“The law encourages people to use lethal force to defend their property and is at odds with Article 2 (right to life) of the European Convention on Human Rights which obliges the state to ensure that lethal force can only be used if absolutely necessary and strictly proportionate in all the circumstances.”
To be crude about it, fuck that, fuck the EU, and fuck the gun bigots who have hysterics at the idea of a subj- ah, citizen being able to use lethal force, if necessary, to protect their lives and homes.

My response would be "Why is Andrew Sullivan such a freaking nutcase? And has he stopped fixating on Sarah Palin's uterus?"

If you went to Trailers right now, and read 'Revisiting failure' and the four posts below it, you'd get an idea of what a bunch of clowns, liars and dirtbags are running the gun bigot groups.

PA Gunblog has a post on Romney & guns; not as bad as what I'd heard before. Problem is, I just don't really trust him.
Link found at Only Guns & Money. Who also pointed to a place I'd seen before, but had dropped off my radar: Black Man with a Gun

Denver PD needs to clean house. Badly. And, by the way, isn't lying on a sworn incident report something like, say, perjury?

Why yes, it IS a double standard. The bastards.

Well, considering what's happened to the ideals of chivalry, of courage and manners, what do you expect? Added: an alternate view, "It's the Italians"

Miss Wasson, I've got news for you: you look like crap in that outfit. Less is NOT always better.
And get something to eat.
And it's no surprise Morena Baccarin looks good enough to stop traffic.

A Californicated State Bank. Oh, there's a GREAT idea. If you're a socialist moron, at least.

So I came back to sit down and upload photos and video and check my e-mail, and there was an e-mail informing me that the Daily Beast has done a story about Mrs. Santorum’s ex-boyfriend from nearly 30 years ago, before she met her husband.
Maybe they should rename to the Daily Bestiality; it's closer to their mindset.

'Antiquated revolver' my ass; I want to know what condition it was in. I'd bet either zero maintenance for a looong time, or really old ammo. Or both.

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