Monday, January 16, 2012

Yeah, I've seen these people, too

I ask because the ridership down here seems divided very sharply. People who seem to know what they're doing and riding defensively and people whose heads are so far up their asses they open their mouths to see. Gives new meaning to the term Link"eye tooth".

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Gerry N. said...

I drive a heavy half ton pickup with a camper on it. Long years ago I quit trying to ride other people's motorcycles and bicycles from my front seat. I obey the traffic regs, and expect others to do the same. If some nitwit on two wheels has to be scraped off my undercarriage, tough shit, he should have been watching what the hell he was doing. That goes double for the drooling mouth breathers who ride bicycles at night with not a light showing. I don't even know they're there until I hear that little crunchy noise as the bike tangles up in the front suspension. Again, tough shit, Tommy Two Wheels. The worst offenders around here are the cute little college girls on mopeds and hoody wearing teen age boys on bmx's.