Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If we don't start doing serious things on our borders,

it's going to get phenomenally nasty.
Three beheadings in two different states and they happened here in the United States, not Mexico.

Former DEA supervisor Phil Jordan says all three beheadings have cartel written all over them. They happened in Arizona and Oklahoma in the past year.
More than 600 miles from the border, a 19-year-old human trafficking victim was found beheaded in Oklahoma. Carina Saunders was stuffed into a bag and left in a grocery store parking lot.

“People know if they get on the wrong side of the fence, they’ll be dealt with,” says Jordan.

The police chief in the area says two men running the trafficking ring killed Saunders to send a message to the other victims. Jordan says the cartels’ calling card is all over this case. Trafficking and smuggling are their top moneymakers. Revenge is the price of doing business.

“Definitely a cartel hit,” says Jordan.


David said...

Beheadings show the influence of islamists in the cartels. Beheading is historically a muslim thing, not something the Mexican drug cartels have been known for. The islamists are making headway, and profit, in the cartels. Given our open boarder with Mexico, we'll be seeing more terrorism coming in that way.

People should be VERY concerned about the growing issue of beheading, but not for the reasons the DEA is pushing.

Anonymous said...

The thing I'm watching for is the emergence of committees of public vigilance. If things go on, this ~will~ happen although perhaps under another name.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know much about human trafficking in Oklahoma, but I do know they are very adamant about trying to yank you out of your car as you exit the Interstate off ramp.
Most everything is declared a civil case from DOT invasions by middle-easterners to bank robberies that call the people they hide behind from a Mustang bank.

Gosh, even when they decide to torch their own state they start there. Too many were raised in Area 51 (as it was called out there because there were no boundaries) or on or near a military base.

To expect them to catch anyone would be absolutely ridiculous.

The man that owns the corner lot near my off ramp feels very safe doing business out there, though.