Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To pass on to AGW believers you may know:

The Myth of Settled Science

Somebody with WAY too much time on his hands

I don't think the Captain lived up to his responsibilities. Or the expectations of the captain of a ship.

And the countdown to Dallas Co. SO being sued has begun.

Hadn't seen this site before; not comfortable at all. The level of contempt/disgust/anger toward 'civilians' displayed by far too many cops is, let's just go with 'bad'. Not to mention the flat corruption.

Just to add to the above, add one case of idiocy and one case of disgusting.

We've got a lot of these drivers in OK, too. I keep saying that if OCPD wants to earn some revenue and make things safer, start watching just about any medium/high-busy intersection and start ticketing every idiot who things "It just turned red a second or two ago, so I'm still clear to go!"

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